Hackathon & StartUp Pitch 2017

8th & 9th July

Audrey House, Ranchi

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Problem Statement

We have taken three problems for the first hackathon in the series of hackathon.

Problem 1: Road Safety

Technology and Process intervention can prevent accidents on highways and city roads. Availability and access to Emergency Response Infrastructure is still evolving. The basic records management for accidents is still a challenge. Digitization can create an access to immediate response infrastructure and can save lives.

Community: Rise Up

Problem 2: Digital Blood Bank

At present there is a huge gap between blood bank, donors and recipients. There is a missing source of public truth for availability of blood at all blood banks. These problems could be solved using the digital framework and make the whole process multiple times efficient and transparent.

Community: Life Savers

Problem 3: Fake “Facts”:

In today's digital world we've access to an ocean of information through internet. But along with information and knowledge we are served with lot of fake news, rumours and inappropriate content which causes lots of confusion, panic, aggression, polarization etc. This problem needs to be treated well.

36-Hours of Problem Solving

You could be the next best million-dollar. An amazing opportunity for all passionate people who could be the change. Meet the experts, mentors and enthusiast to help you in your problem solving journey.

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Join experts, teams and mentors who would help you validate your ideas.

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Meet people who make Ranchi a better place to live.

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Feel the excitement and energy. Fun guaranteed.

Free Food

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Design, Deploy, Demo

Hackathon guarantees meaningful discussions and some actual business.




Participate In B-Plan Competition And Get Rewarded...


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Also, win a chance to get incubated under KIIT TBI's Social Incubation Program - INVENT.

A joint initiative of DFID & TDB and supported by leading social incubator Villgro

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

- Albert Einstein



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