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About Us

An opportunity to “Learn” from the people who have “Been There, Done That”. An unquenchable fire to improve continually to “Earn” respect. An “Aspiration” to be more than have more. An ability to “Perspire” until everything conspires for your success.

An ecosystem to “Learn. Earn. Aspire. Perspire” is what 99 Leap is all about. It’s as much about being that 1 percent inspiration that makes a genius out of 99 percent perspiration to being a source for 99 perspiration to your 1 percent inspiration.

99 Leap is a fine blend of Founders, Mentors, Advisors and Investors working toward a common goal of helping startups scale up to business. We select 3 startups every month for an intensive 99 days’ program at the end of which it becomes ready to define its trajectory. Our garage is situated 3 floors above the ground where experienced badass expert mechanics work to service your startup and add custom parts per requirement.

More than “Pitch Deck” is what a startup needs to possess to be able to selected at 99 Leap. The parameters are pretty broad and requires just an iota of common sense to be deciphered. You don’t need to live at Ranchi to be able to get selected in 99 Leap but, nothing better if you could manage to be local or at least near.

We work 360 degrees around startups, focusing on their strengths, with an aim to help them achieve exponential growth than an incremental growth. We believe in diversity and work with diverse type of startups as long as mutual synergy could be established.

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Our Offerings


99 Meta Day Program

A 99-day program to fix every malfunctioning unit of your startup and make it market ready. The program is suitable for early stage startups with limited onboard capability. Being a part of 99 Meta Day will validate all the key aspects of your business and add creative Nitrogen to boost the progress. To provide pragmatic direction to your earthly ambitious or insanely Martian plans is the DNA of this program. As a startup founder, you need not get high on weed to raise a progressive business.

Hand Holding

Startup Funding

If you believe in the power of your idea and confident of answering our maze of questions, then this is for you. For every startup that succeeds in passing the litmus test, we introduce you to investors within 99 days. You need much more than a pitch deck to get funded and those are the things that we teach you in 99 days. The program is suitable for startups having Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or market traction to an extent. When should you approach an investor? When the time is right or When the plan is right?


StartUp LaunchPad

A unique and one of its kind program for every startup that believes community is better than solitary to shape an idea, that understands the 24*7 availability of expert support, that knows the benefit of being networked, and importance of putting first right step every time. The program is meant only for startups based out of Ranchi and who would like to work from our base station. The program is open and suitable for startups across the life cycle curve. No matter at what stage you get stuck, we have a station to design your launch pad. Leverage upon the advantage of getting launched on a right trajectory. Sounds Interesting?


Startup Hand Holding

Startup Hand Holding is a flagship and long term program suitable for early stage or series A startups. The program is of 6 months’ duration, extendable to 12 months for early startups. Every startup selected under the program receives custom advisory from the best brains of the ecosystem. The program goal is to act both as a charioteer cum strategic planner to help startups grow in a most optimized manner; irrespective of funded growth or bootstrapped. Learn from people who have built startups in the past. You won’t want your wheel of progress get stuck in a mud at crucial time.

"If you’re interested in the living heart of what you do, focus on building things rather than talking about them."

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